Dear Future UUV Members


I have always been entirely honest about how I was just “forced” into joining the organization and becoming a volunteer. And if that was considered to be a mistake, I know for sure that I’ll take the crown if I was asked the same question as Venus Raj. I know a number of you would join the organization just because your friends did or you wanted to fill your resume with affiliations, etc. Bottomline is, a lot of you will unknowingly join an organization fighting for such a sensitive cause. Trust me, that’s the basic step.

And to my future JVCs, my god. Do you really have to scare the hell out of me like this? I, too, was just “forced” into joining the program. This one, to be honest, was because my friends did and that is not a problem. Primarily, my purpose was to become an officer. Well, of course, it’s because that is what the program is for.

But in the end, the advocacy grows in you. As you participate in more events, your desire to serve kids heightens. And gradually, you forget about your “selfish” aims to become an officer or add an affiliation for your CV and you slowly change your goals into attending more events, going home smiling knowing you’ve made a kid happy. And I swear, you’ll long for being around kids, talking to them, laughing with them. They’ll become part of you – piece by piece.

Your initial purposes don’t matter because you will eventually set aside those once you’ve started serving. What’s essential is your initiative to join and let UST UNICEF Volunteers do the rest for you just like what they did to me. I have always been so thankful for God leading me to my UUV family. Yes, I feel guilty whenever I think of how I was led to it but maybe it was God’s way of letting me know that it’s ok to take risks. The present though is always much important than the past and I will give back to the organization by serving twice as much as I did last year. Thank you, UUV and thank you Lord for everything!


For Separating Things


Is which what that was made for. I’d move it then have the result I want. I need. And I need for you to want and eventually need. 

The Contractual Pros And Cons To Falling In Love


Thought Catalog

Section A: Appropriate Public Displays of affection

1. Hand holding

Pro: Your ineffectual fist will fit easily in his, as his hands are substantially larger. His mugs radiate heat as if they had a handle and were filled with chai tea. He will squeeze your hand just a smidgen tighter when walking past a questionable individual. You will inevitably feel safe.

Con: You will be rendered incapable of locating a worthwhile resting point for your hands while walking in his absence. You will fight the urge to grab a random stranger’s hand, if only to feel some phalanx warmth. You will feel a smidgen more vulnerable when walking past a questionable individual. You will miss him. 

2. Leaning Against His Arm/Chest

Pro: As you lean into him he turns his body towards yours and you are able to sink into complete acceptance. You feel wanted by him and the stability…

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One said you had no clue at all and another one gave me a result: “He knows for sure.” Read a few articles and forced us to be those, forced you to have done such things. Closed those which wrote about things I didn’t want to read – those things that would bring me back to reality. Answered just so I could have the result I wanted. And how does one forget that site which told me you “L-word” me. Not. Just a few more  days and I’ll be over it not unless you Harvey Milk quote me which you will never ever in your wildest dreams do. (And you rarely sleep) So, this is how it feels.

The Cat and the Bag


I won’t let you out unless you tell me clearly you want to. That you specifically request for air to breathe ’cause you won’t hear me sigh. I’ll love it and I can finally have this weight I carry as heavy as a feather. I won’t let you out even if you want it out. I won’t let you out if it’s escape that you want. I want you out, now.



They say write, in bursts and so here I am. I have not posted anything about the activities and the teams I had been to, about people I worked with for the past year and months and about everything I have considered to have fallen at the right place and at the right time. I am blessed, I have always been but I am more thankful now to having my eyes open to all the good things that come to me.

To my Hairspray team,



I miss you all and you know I will always miss you! I have learned from you and our experience that real success can never be measured by the judgment of others, it is the fulfillment we feel after all the sacrifices we have made. I haven’t gotten on stage for years after high school and you have definitely made my “comeback” more memorable than I have ever imagined. And if I get the chance to go on stage once more, I’d definitely choose all of you.  That even after the event, and the grades were released, we still feel the adrenaline everytime we think of our rehearsals and the actual performance. Thank you guys!


To my 3Pol3 family,



Not having any re-shuffling next year actually was a great idea! I want to spend more time with you guys and definitely have the best parties ever! I know most of us have just known each other this year but I am confident enough to say that we guys have broken the walls that separated us into three sections before.  Thank you guys for always keeping boring classes the funniest ones! For your efforts of diverting our professors attention just so we could skip recitation and for everything guys! Thank you!


To my 1-2Pol2 family,


For keeping our friendship despite the separation, for being the people I go to when I face the hardest times of the junior year, for always making me laugh and for making me feel like I belong to a family, thank you. I trust in us and I know we will forever remain friends and family. I love you guys so much!


To Dimples!



Thinking of how this group started makes me smile and remembering how we got to name ourselves “Dimples” makes me laugh the hardest! You guys are my best-est college friends! I miss you guys and I love you. Thank you for everything. Let’s go back to our chill days, 2nd sem, next academic year, okay?

To my UUV family,



The team which took me to places I never thought I’d get the permission from my parents to go to. For making me work for my passion – kids. For trusting in me and for giving me the room to breathe and rest whenever stress comes, never came the time I regretted being with you and knowing you guys. For the satisfaction I get after each event and for giving me the chance to put smiles (even laughter) on the faces of children. I can never thank you enough for all the things mentioned (and not). Thank you so much!

To the Young Nacionalistas team,



You guys always make me special by the comments I receive not because you appreciate me but because I know you guys give out the most sincere reactions. Thank you for giving me a “non-work-feeling” work. You guys inspire me to always work harder and never quit and that I can do great things with the help of everyone that would later on become beneficial for the entire nation. For not making us your campaign machinery and instead, developing our skills. For being the coolest co-interns and bosses! Thank you for everything!

To Dodz,



My second family. I may meet a lot of different persons but you will always be my family. I miss you and though we may not see each other, I know nothing will ever change. I love you guys and I miss you so much! I have started to know I am showered with so much blessings by the Lord since I became friends with you. I will never ever replace you people!

To my real family,


Haha ew. I can’t find words that will put it in another way. Thank you for always believing in me and allowing me to discover my potential. For being so patient with me and for teaching me the best lessons no else could have possibly taught me better. God loves me because he gave me you guys. I will never get tired of saying and showing how much I love you!

You can never inspire others if you alone cannot find an inspiration for yourself. I have been blessed with so much. Thank you Lord. 


I Fell Asleep Cursing You


And how I have been carried away too deep by my fantasies. How I have broken my rule on love to not live with daydreams and hopes which I always tell my friends to avoid them having a broken heart to mend. How could have I done that and I didn’t even see myself getting too involved with this impossible thing I have been living on in my dreams. I don’t even have the right to curse you but how could you? I know you already know and I know you think this is the right way to do. You do not practice what you preach, bitch. And that post that was originally meant for anyone else but you will now be all for you. One year more until the end of you. I will never look into you eyes again, ever. I hate you and I hate myself even more.