Feeling Critic: Lie to Me, a Review



I’d like to thank Aicha for lending me the DVD! ♥

Rating: 4.25/5.00

Summary: Who says a little lie doesn’t hurt? Thinking of it as revenge for stealing her first love, Gong Ah Jung (Yoon Eun-hye) , tells a lie about getting married. This small made-up story becomes even bigger when the president of a huge company, Hyun Ki Joo (Kang Ji-hwan) is dragged into it. Wanting to clean his image, Ki Joo makes plans of taking the matter to court which ended up with something he did not originally plan to do, help Ah Jung make this lie seem real, starting with both parties writing a contract which makes them a fake married couple. This scripted plot later on affects both Ki Joo’s and Ah Jung’s life and the truth is finally unveiled but then both of them know that what they feel is no longer planned, they’ve realized that they have already fallen in love with each other and together, they surpassed the challenges including that of Yu Jun, Ki Joo’s ex-fiancée whom he broke up with because his brother, Sang Hee was in love with her too, and lived happily in the end. Yikes, this summary sucks, sorry. I’ll make changes later on!


Choosing something you’ll regret is not my fault anymore, okay okay? 


–  A bit different than other Korean dramas with an elderly wanting to separate the couple or that someone dies from a sickness or an accident.

–  Of course, it’s funny.

–  Oh, the lines. Really sweet!

–  The actors played their roles very well although some of Sang Hee’s scenes were awkward.

–  This drama was the first to actually make me say “Omo!”



–  The drama rather focused on Ki Joo and Ah Jung only in the last episodes. Until now, I’m really curious as to what happened to Sang Hee and Yu Jun.

–  The phasing in the first few episodes were slow. I already wanted a kilig scene on the third episode but I guess it made the story better. But if I were to change it, It’ll be one of the things I’d alter.

–  The ending!!! What do you expect in a K-Drama?! It’s always like that. If not predictable, it’s bitin or not at all given more attention by the scriptwriters. And in this drama, it was both. They could have at least gotten married and had an actual housewarming party!!! 


Favorite Scene/s:


The housewarming party!!! He unexpectedly kissed her and we all know he was not at all acting!! Omo!!! This is the best scene! And Ki Joo was so gwapo in this part! He was jealous too, seeing Jae Bum and Ah Jung together. That moment when he said he’ll sing together with Ah Jung made my heart jump! And then let me repeat, when he kissed her… clearly the best moment in this drama! ❤

I finished this drama within 2 days, made the theme song my ringtone. Tantanantantanan ♫ I love this! And I always play my favorite scene before I sleep. Yes, you guys should watch this! Although it is going to be aired in GMA-7 soon, Ki Joo’s voice is super sexy, you won’t regret watching it in its original version. Haha! Tell me when you’ve already seen this, I’d like to compare my review with yours. Enjoy!


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