Public Toilet Etiquette


Albeit my experiences with public restrooms that are highly nauseating if detailed, I somehow found difficulty relating to this Twitter post by Cesca Litton until I entered UST library third floor toilet cubicle number 2 left side of entrance.

This, my friends, is why disposable seat covers were invented. I never stepped on toilet seats not because I don’t want to leave marks like this or because I’m afraid I’d get diseases (which as far as I remember does not really give you STDs) or because I just love how beautiful my soles are or because everybody does it but because IT’S TREMENDOUSLY AWKWARD TO PEE IN THAT POSITION!!! How do some of these ladies manage to urinate in that situation is something I never want to learn. But please, for the love of janitors, stop doing this and think of other people using the toilets! And if you can’t help it, do this your own comfort rooms!


For Marlon Jay Ibarra


Out of the topic: I changed my WordPress theme. 🙂

“What the hell.” Whose tagline is this? Yes, you are right! Marlon Jay Ibarra (Not posting his last name for security purposes… Hahahaha!) I had been planning to post a blog dedicated to this person weeks ago because of the photo below.

This is my mom’s afritada and when I saw this on our dining table, I instantly remembered my ever loyal commute-mate. He stayed in our house that day and had dinner with us. My mom cooked this and I have observed (or he told me) that he liked it very much! That was the first time I saw him eat happily. Haha! The adjective, sorry! Our friendship is one of those I cannot remember the origin but they say those are the best ones. I had been friends with him for years already and he frequently becomes the subject whenever my friends and I talk about people whom we rarely see and he’s in the top 1. Always! Very consistent!

Together with my friend for 12 years and now my blockmate, Jjem, I went to Nayumi for I ordered books for Pol Thought and we accidentally saw Marlon in one of the photocopying stalls along Dapitan. You know that feeling when you are finally able to find that blazer you were eyeing for months but was very hard to find? And what made it so perfect was that you had enough money to purchase it? That was how I felt that afternoon! We took the rare opportunity to take pictures and to get updated with Marlon but he was shy as he was in high school! What he kept on saying was that he was fine and he was just laughing! Here is our photo. Yay! Reunion!

I just want you to know that all of us misses you, Marlon! Don’t hide from us, please. Hahaha! I’ve always believed in the saying “New friends are silver and old friends are gold.” no impartiality intended here but all of my friends, whether old or new, I consider them gold. What matters is that you stay connected even after years and nothing ever changes except that your bonds grew stronger.

Twitter Trouble


Something remotely related to my post first: I realized I need to have more blogger friends but I’m happy even if I only have Aicha. You love me, I know. Hahaha!

This will just be a short post and basically, I’d like to ask for help because I have this Twitter widget here on my WordPress page but it’s on Filipino mode. I’ve tried looking for solutions but found nothing. Okay, to be honest I am too lazy to find solution so please help this lazy lady here. Hahaha! Originally, it could have been fine for this blog was supposed to be for my Tagalog posts but as time went on I realized, I was really more comfortable with the use of the English language (not that I don’t like using the vernacular).

So guys, will you please help me out? Hehe! It says sundan when I want it to say follow. How do I solve this? Thank you! 🙂


My Problem with Priests


Do I have something negative to say about priests or their acts? No. Why then is this my title?

I have to share 2 abashing experiences that are related to the title. The problem is not about priests, not the church nor the religion but myself. I malfunction whenever a priest is around.

First Story:

When I was in high school, we attend annual recollection per section and days before the event, we’ll be asked to attend confession. To be honest, I do not go to church to confession a regular basis. The only chance I do it is when e’re asked in our school. When I was in third or fourth year high school, the exact words of the priest was “Magdasal ka ng 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Mary and 1 Glory Be.” I sat there for about a 30 seconds deciding on what to do and trying to understand what the priest told me until I finally asked “Dito po ba?” and the priest laughed! He did not smile, it was not a smirk. It was a laugh with no sound! I was so embarrassed that time but I thought to myself that that it was just an honest mistake and it will never happen again.

But the worst thing occured. Hence, my Second Story:

I was in fourth year high school and since my alma mater was a Catholic school, we always have regular Eucharistic celebrations and this is my most unforgettable experience. I usually do not stand up for Holy Communion because they say that you should not if you have not attended a confession first. But I did not believe in that so much and I decided to stand up and receive the body of Christ and no matter how solemn my intention was, it still turned out to be one of the moments I don’t want to remember ever again! As far as I remember, I’ve only told less than ten people about this incident and now I’m revealing one of  my deepest and darkest secrets to the whole world. During the Holy Communion, as the priest was saying the words “Body of Christ.”, I took the host from his hands and ate it!!! I was regretting the move the whole day and it was haunting me for weeks. In my defense, I didn’t think of doing that. I have no idea why that happened. Yes, unlove me for it. It’s not my fault! Haha!

I already have two embarrassing moments with priests and I want to stop right there. Thoughts that in my wedding day I might do the most unexpected and mortifying thing have been running through my mind as I write this post! I verily wish that would be my last before I could ever get a title I’d never want to have. Oh God, please no.



Remember my post entitled Oncology? Yeah, the same aunt is the subject of this post. I have been informed that we were to visit a church in Pangasinan as early as 5am tomorrow morning. I’m a huge fan of visiting new places but not on the purpose of accompanying someone who’s acting weaker than she really is! I’ve heard that my aunt’s disease is curable and the chances of surviving are really high. So what’s the problem?

She’s acting like she’s a famous celebrity – to be treated and pampered like one! I told you guys before that they are richer than us and could have acquired more properties if only they were smarter with handling their money. We own a car but a very small one which can only be occupied by 5 people. She’s asking us to accompany her to that church in a far away land because she wants to have guidance, etc. Blah blah and all other adjectives she’s using to make it sound like she’s dying any hours from now.

What I don’t understand is why is she using us for her personal gains and why is my dad acting like a blind man with the reality that she’s just being manipulated by her sister? It could have been okay if she only brought herself but she is bringing 2 more people with her. My dad’s asking my sister, my mom and I to come with her so that makes 6 people already plus a driver for my mom won’t drive that far ’cause she’ll get exhausted. WAS SHE THINKING AT ALL?!

This is not the only time she has done this. She wanted to visit someone, and had asked us to accompany her JUST SO SHE COULD USE OUR CAR AND MAKE HER TRANSPORTATION FEE FREE! She made my mom and sister travel to the farthest town in Bataan that time. The problem with her is that her thriftiness is unreasonable already! Whenever we have family gatherings, she would bring all of her children, grandchildren and other FRIENDS and would only bring food that are not at all nourishing! Finger foods that are for 10 people only. SHE BRINGS AN AVERAGE OF 15 PEOPLE PER GATHERING. When we visit our grandparents’ graves, she’ll use her trick to make my dad pay for the caretaker. EVERY SINGLE TIME! They always borrow money from us and they have not paid any single debt and when we borrow clothes for some school activities, they’ll give you an hourly phone call and sound mad to make you return the clothes you borrowed immediately! She wouldn’t even pay for the gas or toll fee, what she’d do is start a conversation to divert our attention and forget about her obligation to pay or just giver her share but of course, we do not forget about it. We just know that she doesn’t want to pay and wants to get everything for free so we remain silent.

I want her to get better and survive this disease although she doesn’t have to act worse than her true condition. But I am hoping for her to stop what she’s doing. Her brother (my dad) loves her so much that he couldn’t say no to her but she must not become abusive of it. I hope in time too that my dad will realize that he’s just being manipulated.

I know, I’m mean but a blog has to serve its purpose of making itself available for opinions like this and I’m glad I can finally breathe for I have already shared my sentiments. I am hoping for the better, I always had.

Nice Guys


Wanting to regain myself from becoming the feminist I don’t want to be because of my Skinny Love article, here’s a post which obviously favors the opposite sex.

My good friend Klarisse and I suffered (but half-hoped we’d never recover) from extreme LSS because of this song by Chester See, Ryan Higa and Kev Jumba. The lyrics is hilarious! The video is very funny too. I’m a huge fan of Ryan Higa and I always make sure that I watch his latest video whenever I go online. He’s a very humorous guy and a clever one at the same time. This blog post has no place for spazzing do I’ll stop from there but I’d like to add that I love him so much that I’m willing to whatever he wants me to (Parang ako pa magbebenefit. Haha!). Kidding. And lastly, I didn’t notice Kev Jumba until I watched this video. From 0:27-0:50, he’s purrfect!!! Anyways, I’d like to share the lyrics too so here’s a link and I guarantee laughter all throughout this song!

My favorite part in this song:

But behind the scenes she means the world to me.
Wanna tell her that she’s beautiful, and show her that she’s loved.
Hold her hand when she’s scared, tell her how much I care…

Nice guys – I believe though they still exist and hopefully they’ll never change into schmucks. No guys, do not believe in what has been talked about that nice guys finish last. They don’t and you won’t. But girls, do not break these guys’ hearts too ’cause as much as I believe in the saying “Behind every slut is a man who broke her heart.”, I, too am considering the truth of scumbags becoming what they’ve become because of a girl who chose to not treat him right. So let’s learn to respect each other to avoid heartaches and love, love, love all the way. 🙂

Skinny Love


Tumblr image

This is just stupid. I mean, who would like to have a relationship like this? And how are you even sure if you love each other if you don’t say it? I believe that in love it’s not only actions but words have to play a part too. This type of relationship is like eating a cotton candy you found hanging on a wall. You believe it’s cotton candy but you still have no certainty as to if it is a sugary-sweet food or just a spider’s web. But you eat it anyway because you want to stick with what you think and feel.

Flickr image

I even saw this photo online and this is PATHETIC! You don’t make this last! This is just wrong. I would accept it if both parties are secretly in love with each other but the case here is different. I’m not saying though that being secretly in love with each other is good. It’s acceptable but the feeling is worse than skinny love…

If you love a girl, just tell her. Yes, you’ll say it’s sexist but guys, you can’t make a girl confess. You’re given the task by God to tell us if you like us or not just as we are tasked to go on painful, messy, bloody (okay I’ll stop right here) menstrual cycles every month!!! And if ever a girl becomes brave enough to tell you how she feels, what would you guys do? tell her she’s only a friend, make her regret it for the rest of her life, act like you like her too and play with her feelings? And girls, please don’t settle for just skinny love. We all deserve to be loved deeply and honestly and not in any other way.