Thank you, Globe!


I have not won any freebie in my entire life and I have not prayed so hard to win something like I did just to win that #GlobeGalaxyS3. I even experienced to be in Twitter jail for the first time in my tweeting life and I’ve been jailed thrice that day but still I did not win the phone and instead it was given to rich people and I don’t dislike them for that. (A bit, though. Hehe! But envy is more suitable.) I hate Globe right now but not because of that hashtag but because of this.

Yes, all of you Globe broadband users know what this means and this is like an equivalent of a failing mark in a test. I opened the message and yes, it was the message every Globe broadband users wishes to not receive.

I’m so confused as to why I’ve reached an 800mb usage for I have only downloaded a few videos which are like 200mb in total plus this Grey’s Anatomy video which is obviously showing only less than 150mb and I just used twitter all day and WordPress so that’s like another 200mb maybe and that’s only 650mb!

I’m wondering now, though, why is it that my data usage history of today only showed almost 300mb usage. This is unfair! You make it seem like the user only used only a few mb for him/her to use more! I hate globe for this. I’ve talked to them once and they only asked for the problem and did not do anything about it. I’ve been a loyal user for years already, how could you do this?! This is unfair and you don’t give the subscribers what they deserve!


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