Nice Guys


Wanting to regain myself from becoming the feminist I don’t want to be because of my Skinny Love article, here’s a post which obviously favors the opposite sex.

My good friend Klarisse and I suffered (but half-hoped we’d never recover) from extreme LSS because of this song by Chester See, Ryan Higa and Kev Jumba. The lyrics is hilarious! The video is very funny too. I’m a huge fan of Ryan Higa and I always make sure that I watch his latest video whenever I go online. He’s a very humorous guy and a clever one at the same time. This blog post has no place for spazzing do I’ll stop from there but I’d like to add that I love him so much that I’m willing to whatever he wants me to (Parang ako pa magbebenefit. Haha!). Kidding. And lastly, I didn’t notice Kev Jumba until I watched this video. From 0:27-0:50, he’s purrfect!!! Anyways, I’d like to share the lyrics too so here’s a link and I guarantee laughter all throughout this song!

My favorite part in this song:

But behind the scenes she means the world to me.
Wanna tell her that she’s beautiful, and show her that she’s loved.
Hold her hand when she’s scared, tell her how much I care…

Nice guys – I believe though they still exist and hopefully they’ll never change into schmucks. No guys, do not believe in what has been talked about that nice guys finish last. They don’t and you won’t. But girls, do not break these guys’ hearts too ’cause as much as I believe in the saying “Behind every slut is a man who broke her heart.”, I, too am considering the truth of scumbags becoming what they’ve become because of a girl who chose to not treat him right. So let’s learn to respect each other to avoid heartaches and love, love, love all the way. 🙂


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