Skinny Love


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This is just stupid. I mean, who would like to have a relationship like this? And how are you even sure if you love each other if you don’t say it? I believe that in love it’s not only actions but words have to play a part too. This type of relationship is like eating a cotton candy you found hanging on a wall. You believe it’s cotton candy but you still have no certainty as to if it is a sugary-sweet food or just a spider’s web. But you eat it anyway because you want to stick with what you think and feel.

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I even saw this photo online and this is PATHETIC! You don’t make this last! This is just wrong. I would accept it if both parties are secretly in love with each other but the case here is different. I’m not saying though that being secretly in love with each other is good. It’s acceptable but the feeling is worse than skinny love…

If you love a girl, just tell her. Yes, you’ll say it’s sexist but guys, you can’t make a girl confess. You’re given the task by God to tell us if you like us or not just as we are tasked to go on painful, messy, bloody (okay I’ll stop right here) menstrual cycles every month!!! And if ever a girl becomes brave enough to tell you how she feels, what would you guys do? tell her she’s only a friend, make her regret it for the rest of her life, act like you like her too and play with her feelings? And girls, please don’t settle for just skinny love. We all deserve to be loved deeply and honestly and not in any other way.


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