For Marlon Jay Ibarra


Out of the topic: I changed my WordPress theme. 🙂

“What the hell.” Whose tagline is this? Yes, you are right! Marlon Jay Ibarra (Not posting his last name for security purposes… Hahahaha!) I had been planning to post a blog dedicated to this person weeks ago because of the photo below.

This is my mom’s afritada and when I saw this on our dining table, I instantly remembered my ever loyal commute-mate. He stayed in our house that day and had dinner with us. My mom cooked this and I have observed (or he told me) that he liked it very much! That was the first time I saw him eat happily. Haha! The adjective, sorry! Our friendship is one of those I cannot remember the origin but they say those are the best ones. I had been friends with him for years already and he frequently becomes the subject whenever my friends and I talk about people whom we rarely see and he’s in the top 1. Always! Very consistent!

Together with my friend for 12 years and now my blockmate, Jjem, I went to Nayumi for I ordered books for Pol Thought and we accidentally saw Marlon in one of the photocopying stalls along Dapitan. You know that feeling when you are finally able to find that blazer you were eyeing for months but was very hard to find? And what made it so perfect was that you had enough money to purchase it? That was how I felt that afternoon! We took the rare opportunity to take pictures and to get updated with Marlon but he was shy as he was in high school! What he kept on saying was that he was fine and he was just laughing! Here is our photo. Yay! Reunion!

I just want you to know that all of us misses you, Marlon! Don’t hide from us, please. Hahaha! I’ve always believed in the saying “New friends are silver and old friends are gold.” no impartiality intended here but all of my friends, whether old or new, I consider them gold. What matters is that you stay connected even after years and nothing ever changes except that your bonds grew stronger.


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