My Problem with Priests


Do I have something negative to say about priests or their acts? No. Why then is this my title?

I have to share 2 abashing experiences that are related to the title. The problem is not about priests, not the church nor the religion but myself. I malfunction whenever a priest is around.

First Story:

When I was in high school, we attend annual recollection per section and days before the event, we’ll be asked to attend confession. To be honest, I do not go to church to confession a regular basis. The only chance I do it is when e’re asked in our school. When I was in third or fourth year high school, the exact words of the priest was “Magdasal ka ng 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Mary and 1 Glory Be.” I sat there for about a 30 seconds deciding on what to do and trying to understand what the priest told me until I finally asked “Dito po ba?” and the priest laughed! He did not smile, it was not a smirk. It was a laugh with no sound! I was so embarrassed that time but I thought to myself that that it was just an honest mistake and it will never happen again.

But the worst thing occured. Hence, my Second Story:

I was in fourth year high school and since my alma mater was a Catholic school, we always have regular Eucharistic celebrations and this is my most unforgettable experience. I usually do not stand up for Holy Communion because they say that you should not if you have not attended a confession first. But I did not believe in that so much and I decided to stand up and receive the body of Christ and no matter how solemn my intention was, it still turned out to be one of the moments I don’t want to remember ever again! As far as I remember, I’ve only told less than ten people about this incident and now I’m revealing one of  my deepest and darkest secrets to the whole world. During the Holy Communion, as the priest was saying the words “Body of Christ.”, I took the host from his hands and ate it!!! I was regretting the move the whole day and it was haunting me for weeks. In my defense, I didn’t think of doing that. I have no idea why that happened. Yes, unlove me for it. It’s not my fault! Haha!

I already have two embarrassing moments with priests and I want to stop right there. Thoughts that in my wedding day I might do the most unexpected and mortifying thing have been running through my mind as I write this post! I verily wish that would be my last before I could ever get a title I’d never want to have. Oh God, please no.


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