Remember my post entitled Oncology? Yeah, the same aunt is the subject of this post. I have been informed that we were to visit a church in Pangasinan as early as 5am tomorrow morning. I’m a huge fan of visiting new places but not on the purpose of accompanying someone who’s acting weaker than she really is! I’ve heard that my aunt’s disease is curable and the chances of surviving are really high. So what’s the problem?

She’s acting like she’s a famous celebrity – to be treated and pampered like one! I told you guys before that they are richer than us and could have acquired more properties if only they were smarter with handling their money. We own a car but a very small one which can only be occupied by 5 people. She’s asking us to accompany her to that church in a far away land because she wants to have guidance, etc. Blah blah and all other adjectives she’s using to make it sound like she’s dying any hours from now.

What I don’t understand is why is she using us for her personal gains and why is my dad acting like a blind man with the reality that she’s just being manipulated by her sister? It could have been okay if she only brought herself but she is bringing 2 more people with her. My dad’s asking my sister, my mom and I to come with her so that makes 6 people already plus a driver for my mom won’t drive that far ’cause she’ll get exhausted. WAS SHE THINKING AT ALL?!

This is not the only time she has done this. She wanted to visit someone, and had asked us to accompany her JUST SO SHE COULD USE OUR CAR AND MAKE HER TRANSPORTATION FEE FREE! She made my mom and sister travel to the farthest town in Bataan that time. The problem with her is that her thriftiness is unreasonable already! Whenever we have family gatherings, she would bring all of her children, grandchildren and other FRIENDS and would only bring food that are not at all nourishing! Finger foods that are for 10 people only. SHE BRINGS AN AVERAGE OF 15 PEOPLE PER GATHERING. When we visit our grandparents’ graves, she’ll use her trick to make my dad pay for the caretaker. EVERY SINGLE TIME! They always borrow money from us and they have not paid any single debt and when we borrow clothes for some school activities, they’ll give you an hourly phone call and sound mad to make you return the clothes you borrowed immediately! She wouldn’t even pay for the gas or toll fee, what she’d do is start a conversation to divert our attention and forget about her obligation to pay or just giver her share but of course, we do not forget about it. We just know that she doesn’t want to pay and wants to get everything for free so we remain silent.

I want her to get better and survive this disease although she doesn’t have to act worse than her true condition. But I am hoping for her to stop what she’s doing. Her brother (my dad) loves her so much that he couldn’t say no to her but she must not become abusive of it. I hope in time too that my dad will realize that he’s just being manipulated.

I know, I’m mean but a blog has to serve its purpose of making itself available for opinions like this and I’m glad I can finally breathe for I have already shared my sentiments. I am hoping for the better, I always had.


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