Public Toilet Etiquette


Albeit my experiences with public restrooms that are highly nauseating if detailed, I somehow found difficulty relating to this Twitter post by Cesca Litton until I entered UST library third floor toilet cubicle number 2 left side of entrance.

This, my friends, is why disposable seat covers were invented. I never stepped on toilet seats not because I don’t want to leave marks like this or because I’m afraid I’d get diseases (which as far as I remember does not really give you STDs) or because I just love how beautiful my soles are or because everybody does it but because IT’S TREMENDOUSLY AWKWARD TO PEE IN THAT POSITION!!! How do some of these ladies manage to urinate in that situation is something I never want to learn. But please, for the love of janitors, stop doing this and think of other people using the toilets! And if you can’t help it, do this your own comfort rooms!


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