When It’s Just Not There, You Can’t Force It


And that quote comes from one of the episodes of  How I Met Your Mother season 7. No to plagiarism. Haha!

Classic Schmosby. Funny that I am identifying myself with him now. This whole weeping over someone leaving you, failed relationships, pouring out all your emotions all for nothing stuff? Yes, Ted Mosby = Ana Almazar.

Me posting about this is very unlikely of me. I have become a huge fan of keeping a relationship a secret until I become certain that this person can and will fight for and stick with me through whatever. Back to back to back (?) failed relationships and I feel bad. I just don’t think I am capable of entering a relationship at this point but everyone needs someone. A person who’ll make you thankful for mornings, etc. My point is, you can’t just be alone. Or is it just me? Am I in dire need of companionship? I can be dependent but I know I can be happier with someone around me. That’s just how it is for me.

I can’t be alone. Feel me here. Haha kbye