My How I Met Your Mother Feels


A new episode has been released after HIMYM s08e11-12 which for me is the best episode ever! And I still can’t figure out the sole reason why I love this episode so much since I have two equally valid reasons: 1) I ship Barney and Robin so hard my ship now flies and 2) I’m a sucker for jerks turning into the best lovers upon finding “the one.”


Okay so this post is just for me to list everything I feel about the show:

  1. I love Barney Stinson and that will never change.
  2. I still think Robin is the mother of Ted’s kids. Or want her to be despite my Barney-Robin shipping. I just don’t think the first episode would make perfect sense if Barney and Robin end up together and Ted still has feelings for Robin okay.
  3. If it’s not Robin, I think it’s Barney’s half-sister, the one Barney’s dad talked about in one episode named Carly which a lot of people assume to be Ted’s wife. If it’s her, please let us see her already!
  4. I hate Victoria.
  5. I loved Stella!
  6. I still get hyped whenever I think of How I Met Your Mother having their ninth season!
  7. It’s funnier than F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  8. Oh, I love Marshal’s jokes.
  9. I don’t think I’ve seen that episode where Marshal’s dad died…
  10. Young Scooter and Lily are the funniest!
  11. The funniest thing Barney did was when he took his ripped suit to the tailor crying. =)))
  12. My least favorite character is actually Ted.

And I think that’s all about it. I just made it for the purpose of creating another post, really. No hate. Haha!


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