MyUste being the Usual MyUste


Well of course aside from the university-wide complaints it gets during the release of grades, I have encountered another problem with myUste. Seriously? Just when I badly need it! I’ve seen my grades change (after my 5.0 grade which turned out to be a non-failing grade at all!) weeks ago and I regret not having saved my grades for I have to have a copy of it and submit it for a UNICEF thing.


Step 1: Yes!


Step 2: Double yes!


Step 3:Just what the f

And yes of course, of course, everything will go against your will and leave you hopeless at times like this. God, I’m screwed. In addition to that, I realized I have only attended two UNICEF events due to conflicts with my schedule, that one time my aunt had been hospitalized and the GUTS event where I got sick I can’t get up that I regret so much and I greatly suck at being a JVC but I want a position next year. I want it so bad and I’ve been telling myself it’s not too late but what if it is? No, it’s never too late until I’ve stopped trying! Yes?


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