Soul Mates



Here’s a tweet about my soul mates and possibly my idea about it. A soul mate, for me, is someone (but there could be exceptions too like the above) who/that makes you completely happy. It doesn’t have to do anything to make you smile because just thinking about them would. It/He/She completes you and gives you the best feeling in the world. Since I don’t have one yet (the person), I’ve been declaring a number of soulmates I have such as: Datu Puti (a cocktail drink) and Bangus/Tuna (I forgot) Sisig from Drews, Kare-kare from Hapag (my friends and I’s favorite lunch place), Ate Lards’ (Large) Mango Graham shake! but my true soulmates are those stated above. They make me happy and whenever I am free, I spend my time practicing on it. Here’s my latest work though I’m not proud of it, I just have to post something. Hahaha!


My point is, everyone should have a soul mate to make you feel better whenever you’re down. I’m happy I found mine! 🙂


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