Dear Future UUV Members


I have always been entirely honest about how I was just “forced” into joining the organization and becoming a volunteer. And if that was considered to be a mistake, I know for sure that I’ll take the crown if I was asked the same question as Venus Raj. I know a number of you would join the organization just because your friends did or you wanted to fill your resume with affiliations, etc. Bottomline is, a lot of you will unknowingly join an organization fighting for such a sensitive cause. Trust me, that’s the basic step.

And to my future JVCs, my god. Do you really have to scare the hell out of me like this? I, too, was just “forced” into joining the program. This one, to be honest, was because my friends did and that is not a problem. Primarily, my purpose was to become an officer. Well, of course, it’s because that is what the program is for.

But in the end, the advocacy grows in you. As you participate in more events, your desire to serve kids heightens. And gradually, you forget about your “selfish” aims to become an officer or add an affiliation for your CV and you slowly change your goals into attending more events, going home smiling knowing you’ve made a kid happy. And I swear, you’ll long for being around kids, talking to them, laughing with them. They’ll become part of you – piece by piece.

Your initial purposes don’t matter because you will eventually set aside those once you’ve started serving. What’s essential is your initiative to join and let UST UNICEF Volunteers do the rest for you just like what they did to me. I have always been so thankful for God leading me to my UUV family. Yes, I feel guilty whenever I think of how I was led to it but maybe it was God’s way of letting me know that it’s ok to take risks. The present though is always much important than the past and I will give back to the organization by serving twice as much as I did last year. Thank you, UUV and thank you Lord for everything!


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