My Problem with Priests


Do I have something negative to say about priests or their acts? No. Why then is this my title?

I have to share 2 abashing experiences that are related to the title. The problem is not about priests, not the church nor the religion but myself. I malfunction whenever a priest is around.

First Story:

When I was in high school, we attend annual recollection per section and days before the event, we’ll be asked to attend confession. To be honest, I do not go to church to confession a regular basis. The only chance I do it is when e’re asked in our school. When I was in third or fourth year high school, the exact words of the priest was “Magdasal ka ng 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Mary and 1 Glory Be.” I sat there for about a 30 seconds deciding on what to do and trying to understand what the priest told me until I finally asked “Dito po ba?” and the priest laughed! He did not smile, it was not a smirk. It was a laugh with no sound! I was so embarrassed that time but I thought to myself that that it was just an honest mistake and it will never happen again.

But the worst thing occured. Hence, my Second Story:

I was in fourth year high school and since my alma mater was a Catholic school, we always have regular Eucharistic celebrations and this is my most unforgettable experience. I usually do not stand up for Holy Communion because they say that you should not if you have not attended a confession first. But I did not believe in that so much and I decided to stand up and receive the body of Christ and no matter how solemn my intention was, it still turned out to be one of the moments I don’t want to remember ever again! As far as I remember, I’ve only told less than ten people about this incident and now I’m revealing one of  my deepest and darkest secrets to the whole world. During the Holy Communion, as the priest was saying the words “Body of Christ.”, I took the host from his hands and ate it!!! I was regretting the move the whole day and it was haunting me for weeks. In my defense, I didn’t think of doing that. I have no idea why that happened. Yes, unlove me for it. It’s not my fault! Haha!

I already have two embarrassing moments with priests and I want to stop right there. Thoughts that in my wedding day I might do the most unexpected and mortifying thing have been running through my mind as I write this post! I verily wish that would be my last before I could ever get a title I’d never want to have. Oh God, please no.


Hit List: Top Ten Favorite Grey’s Anatomy Characters


Since I have the best broadband connection in my area, I’m lucky to wait for just this short for a large file. And seeing this made me realize my love for Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve never planned on watching this series in the first place. I was suppose to buy a  DVD of House but changed my mind and took Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 instead. And thankfully, I was 100% satisfied with this show! I think it was destiny that brought me together with the surgeons of Seattle Grace Hospital. I love them all, on different levels though. I love this series, I love everything about it and I won’t stop supporting it no matter what!

Right now, it shows that I only have to wait for about half an hour before I could watch episodes 1 and 2 of the 6th season. And while I’m preparing myself for another (hopefully) tearjerker episodes, I decided to start a new segment in my blog – Hit List! I was actually thinking of a cooler title but my energy is down to 10% because of the #GlobeGalaxyS3 contest which I didn’t win no matter how hard I tried. To reward myself for the hardwork I did for that S3 phone, I opted to have a Grey’s Anatomy marathon and blog about my favorite characters so here is my list.

10. Izzie Stevens

I came into a trouble of deciding whom to place in this position. As much as I’d love to put another character’s name in this rank, I’ve made a final choice of giving it to the Izzie Stevens. She connects well with the patients and she sometimes gets too emotional. She’s a great friend too and is full of optimism. When she falls in love, she really does and she’ll do anything for that man. I will miss you, Iz. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Alex for you. Hahaha!

9. Mark Sloan

You may have noticed the photo I chose. I think I have a thing for scars. Heh! Not those intentional scars though but those that are obtained from fights. Okay, skip that topic. Haha! I just like it on Sloan. Maybe the scar just looked hot because of him. He’s McSteamy and if he ever happened to exist in real life I won’t say no if he’d ask me for a kiss. And why he’s included on my top ten list? 3 words. He’s Mark Sloan! I guess I don’t have to expound my reasons on this. He’s Mark Sloan. Just understand me and my love for hot men and abs and bed and… MUST STOP SPAZZING.

8. Meredith Grey

Most people like her that if they make their own list, she’d even make it to the upper half but not me. I like Meredith but I just can’t seem to connect to her that much. I admire her and her love for Derek. I love her surgical abilities. I love that she’s always there for Cristina. But I don’t love love her. I like how she’s mature enough to deal with situations but what makes her surpass others is her strength. She remained stalwart no matter how difficult the situation is and I sometimes think I’m like her or that I want to be stronger as I am now.

7. Alex Karev

Yeah, I fall for those types of fictional characters – the jerks. But they always end up being better men when they fall in love just like Sloan to Lexie and of course, Alex to Izzie so you can’t blame me. It’s given that he’s good looking but the primary reason why I like him is that he can take care of kids, of babies. He’ll make a good husband and a father. He may be impatient at times but the good thing about this surgeon is that he tries to relate to them. I find him a very smart doctor for as far as I remember, he has found solutions to different cases. Intelligent, loves kids, has a soft side, undeniably hot body and sexy smirk… I can marry this man.

6. Preston Burke

I think I might be the biggest Yang-Burke shipper. Up until now, I’m still wishing Burke will be back and will patch things up with Yang and get married to her which is impossible now. I’m really sad that he left the series but I hated him at some point when he just left Cristina when she’s almost his wife. How could you?! I thought you were sure? I miss you being with Cristina and I’m really sad. I adored him. How he taught Cristina. How he started things with her. The coffee he gave her. Aaaah! Please bring me back to those times! But aside from that, I liked how Preston loved his parents. I also like that he maintains a clean apartment! He’s very competitive. And I admire that scene when he worked together in with Izzie in a lie she made to save Denny Duquette. He was also a good friend to George and everyone else. I know he loved Cristina so much. I’m still desiring for their relationship to be back to where it was. Number one shipper! Haha!

5. George O’Malley

I mentioned Burke’s love for his parents but I think nothing beats George’s love for his family. Since I’ve just finished the fifth season, the last scene I’ve seen of him was when he entered the army and that seriously broke my heart into pieces. I really felt bad that in that season, he was not given as much scenes as he used to have and I sensed him being casted off too. Although I haven’t seen the sixth season, I miss him already. I heard he’s going to die and that makes me kind of want to just stop watching. He’s really one of my favorites. He’s a very good friend – a perfect guy bestfriend. He’s really kind and he has always been there for everyone. He’s not as strong as any other guys but I believe he’s the smartest among Bailey’s interns.

4. Addison Montgomery

First things first! I also ship her and Karev so hard that if there’s a chance I’d like them to have dated longer. Addison is so beautiful. She’s like the Dawn Zulueta of Hollywood for me. I can’t help but admire her beauty everytime she appears on my screen. I like her hair color. Huhu. I envy her!I find her really funny, easy to get along with and really honest. She cries whenever she feels the need to and that’s our similarity. She likes kids and the only thing I didn’t like about her is that part with Sloan but then again, who can say no to McSteamy??

3. Miranda Bailey

Seriously, who doesn’t love Bailey? I really think she’s the most suitable to teach the interns. She has this mother feel to me and I love her for that. Very strict but you can’t help but love her and giver her respect. She’s also very funny. I love how she stares Dr. Shepherd and the others down. I love how she acts like the boss. I love her soft side and I like how she takes care of her baby. I love it when she leaves the person she talks to silenced because of she just said. I love her and I love everything about her!

2. Derek Shepherd

Oh, please. My phone wallpaper’s a picture of him as well as my desktop background. I used to have his picture as my cover photo before. I love him and I’ll do whatever I can just to watch him be Dr. Shepherd. If I meet him in person, I swear I’d cry. I’ve never fallen in love with a fictional character as deeply as I had with him. He’s perfect, period.

1. Cristina Yang

I’d love to meet her in person too!  By then, I’ll be able to tell her how much I love her and I think I might cry. Haha! The role suits her well and I love her for being Cristina Yang. She’s very strong and straightforward. Really competitive and she loves her job more than anyone else in the hospital. She wants everything, she likes to win everything. She always strives to be the best and succeeds. She is the type of doctor that you know will excel. She makes a good ‘person’ for Meredith. She really is hard to approach but she can be the best friend you can ever have. I can go on forever and say things about how I love Cristina Yang but from the very first moment you spoke in the show, I’ve loved your character and I will always will. And please, make a Twitter account! 😦

There you go, my first ever list. I’d like to say that the other characters I like too are those of Adelle Webber’s, Ellis Grey’s and Callie Torres but I only have a place for the top ten. I’m now off to start watching the sixth season and who knows? I might post another blog and have a change in my list soon. 🙂

Babala: Corny ‘To


Hindi ko maipaliwanag pero iba ang pagmamahal ko talaga sa mais. At dahil nalaman niyo na kung tungkol saan talaga ‘tong sinulat kong ‘to, talagang akma na ang title. Oo, pinapayagan ko na kayong asarin ako dahil sa kakornihang taglay ko. Hahaha!

Okay, so bakit nga ba mais? Ewan ko rin talaga. Sa kahit anong pagkain, masarap talaga kapag may mais para sa akin. At ito ang listahan ng mga pagkaing may mais na talaga namang hindi ko pagsasawaan.

5. Carrots and Corn.


Ito yung side dish sa Kenny Rogers’ at bongga talaga ‘to. Hindi ito yung paborito ko sa mga side dishes nila pero gustong-gusto ko ‘to. At speaking of Kenny Rogers’ gusto ko rin yung corn muffin nila dun. Haha!

4. Mais con Yelo


Ano ba tama? Mais con Yelo o con Hielo? Pareho lang ba yun? May mga nakikita kasi akong ganun sa ibang tindahan eh. Anyways, kaya ko naman gusto ko ‘to kasi malamig at may gatas. Haha! Fan na fan rin ako ng gatas eh. Hindi ko rin ma-explain kung bakit.

3. Maja Blanca


Dati kasi sa SM, may parang tindahan ng mga kakanin. Ang alam ko meron pa rin sa foodcourt ng SM Megamall yun eh. Tuwing madadaan kami, lagi kong pinapabili yung maja blanca. Madali kasing kainin tsaka masarap nga kasi may mais. LOL!

2. Sweet Corn.


Kilala naman ako ng ilang tao na mahirap talagang pakainin ng street foods pero ito ang isa sa mga hindi ko tatanggihan. May cheese powder pa na mas nakakapagpasarap tsaka maiinit-init pa pag binigay sa’yo ni Kuya. Sobrang dali pang mahanap at bente lang!!!

1. Corn Ice Cream


Masarap din yung dun sa nilalako ng cheap type ng ice cream pero nire-recommend ko ‘tong Picolé Corn Supreme! The best ‘to at talagang sulit ang pera. 40 lang siya at ang tanging tindahan na nakita kong may ganito ay yung sa The Little Big Store sa Gilmore. Baba lang kayo ng Gilmore Station at sa tabi ng Shakey’s, yun na. Boom! Masarap talaga ‘to, swear pero kung ayaw niyo, akin nalang. Hahaha!

Kaya nga siguro sobrang corny ko na kasi ang hilig ko sa mais. Joke! Hahahaha! Okay last ko na yun. Haha! Waley na waley pero alam kong bet niyo rin naman lahat ng pagkaing nilagay ko dito. Libre niyo ako ng top 1 ko please. Haha!