Short-term Memory Post (Which I Really Don’t Have! Why Now??)



I have thoughts lining up before I make this blog but I was two things: 1) Too lazy to type it on my laptop 2) Still waiting for my WordPress Apple app to finish downloading so here I am at a loss for words and having early signs of Alzheimer’s which for the love of beautiful and precious moments, I wish I will never have.

Okay, so I tweeted about me not liking books having to male characters fighting over the lead female character because I hate seeing the other guy win! I have been reading this book for almost 2 hours and I’m halfway through it but the guy I’m rooting for – Reid Alexander – who, basically is a good guy disguised as a bad guy – personalities which I usually like for men and neither am I proud of it nor embarassed about it. So there, the other guy here has already kissed Emma! But I am firm with my belief that this Graham guy has ulterior motives and Emma is not as *insert suitable adjective here” as I expect female lead characters to be. The 2 POVs in one chapter strategy is not working for me too.

I barely remember anything I wanted to blog so here are some of the things I might have actually thought of earlier.

– This reminds me of Awkward which will be airing again on the 16th of April!!! Team Rosati (although the one I’m rooting for here is kind of the Matty McKibben one)
– I needed air to breathe for Henry (Teddy Altman’s instant husband) died and I have never realized how much I liked this guy until he died. Which makes me think now… Does this apply to real life? I mean realizing you actually can live with the person whom you thought was the most annoying creature on Earth?
– I missed blogging so I’m filling the pages in.
– We’re going somewhere tomorrow and I don’t want to. And I hope we get there safely if my parents ever decide on going. But I don’t want to. Period.

And after more than half an hour, I finally remembered what I was supposed to blog about. I am thankful for the creators and the mind behind Adobe Digital Editions because I have been itching to start reading books again but unfortunately (which is a real misfortune for me but what can I do? He has the authority and I owe my whole life to him), my father has his hands glued to my device which I previously used to read .epub formatted files but yay to this application! I can now read books on my lappy (dyslexia alert, I typed in pally before changing it to lappy my gosh!) without the crappy .pdf formats in Adobe Reader. That is just about it and I’m now on chapter 21 and Reid has touched Emma’s lips to his in a not-so-romantic way that I expected but to think, Graham’s approach was a little bit too agressive as well. Team Reid all the way! Good night! 😘

** and I’m sad Henry died in Cristina’s OR but I’m happy Zola’s back to stronger than before couple MerDer ad woohoo I bet that move by Ben Warren had Miranda Bailey’s emotional barricades melt away! 😍


I Wish You Sang me This Song


So that I should have never left you. I could have fought for you even harder. Or if the problem’s really not with me, I could have at least been given a warning. By then, I should have been really over you. Not that I’m not. But those who say they’re totally over someone are those who have actually not moved on. So, I’m still in the process and I know I’m never coming back to you. If you have just sang me this song, I would have stopped checking your page a long time ago. If you sang me this song, you will never have a place here on my blog. I miss you but I’m not longing for you. I miss you but I’ve learned enough. I miss you but I’m not missed by you. The problem is with me. You never sang me this song.

You are my Cosmo and Wanda


You are my childhood dream, those that I watch on my television screen. You are whom I dreamed of having for years, you are to grant my every single wish. I have yet to be your Timmy Turner but never will I be. You are my Cosmo and Wanda, you are just close (or as far) as I can get to that boxed you.

Soul Mates



Here’s a tweet about my soul mates and possibly my idea about it. A soul mate, for me, is someone (but there could be exceptions too like the above) who/that makes you completely happy. It doesn’t have to do anything to make you smile because just thinking about them would. It/He/She completes you and gives you the best feeling in the world. Since I don’t have one yet (the person), I’ve been declaring a number of soulmates I have such as: Datu Puti (a cocktail drink) and Bangus/Tuna (I forgot) Sisig from Drews, Kare-kare from Hapag (my friends and I’s favorite lunch place), Ate Lards’ (Large) Mango Graham shake! but my true soulmates are those stated above. They make me happy and whenever I am free, I spend my time practicing on it. Here’s my latest work though I’m not proud of it, I just have to post something. Hahaha!


My point is, everyone should have a soul mate to make you feel better whenever you’re down. I’m happy I found mine! 🙂

When It’s Just Not There, You Can’t Force It


And that quote comes from one of the episodes of  How I Met Your Mother season 7. No to plagiarism. Haha!

Classic Schmosby. Funny that I am identifying myself with him now. This whole weeping over someone leaving you, failed relationships, pouring out all your emotions all for nothing stuff? Yes, Ted Mosby = Ana Almazar.

Me posting about this is very unlikely of me. I have become a huge fan of keeping a relationship a secret until I become certain that this person can and will fight for and stick with me through whatever. Back to back to back (?) failed relationships and I feel bad. I just don’t think I am capable of entering a relationship at this point but everyone needs someone. A person who’ll make you thankful for mornings, etc. My point is, you can’t just be alone. Or is it just me? Am I in dire need of companionship? I can be dependent but I know I can be happier with someone around me. That’s just how it is for me.

I can’t be alone. Feel me here. Haha kbye

The Haircut


This is going to be a really quick post.

Being the in-denial feminist that I am, I would just like to clarify that we, ladies, don’t just go to salon and avail of the costly services just to get the same look! It’s a great risk for us to have a complete change especially when it comes to our hair so, most of the time, we just choose to be safe (trim). But more than that, haircuts do not just give us new looks. We pay for these services because of the feeling we get the moment we exit the salon. Self-esteem, my friends. It’s more than just the cut, trust me.

Hindi Ako Naniniwala sa 3-Month Rule


Inaamin ko, dati malakas ang paniniwala ko sa ganyang 3-month rule na yan. Saan ba kasi nakuha nina Basha at Popoy yan?! Nauso tuloy. At kahit na wala namang sukat kung gaano katagal makakalimot o makakahanap ng iba ang tao, nagagawa nalang din natin dahil yun ang dinidikta ng lipunan. Yun ang sinasabi ng media. Yun ang akala nating tama.

Bakit kailangan mo pang maghintay ng tatlong buwan para lang masabi na nakamove-on ka na? Bakit kailangan mo pang magbilang ng siyamnapung araw para lang makahanap ng iba? Hindi mo kailangang magpatugtog ng Someone Like You ni Adele sa loob ng tatlong buwan at maghintay sa balikan. Lagi kong sinasabi sa sarili ko na 1 is to 1. 1 guy is to 1 day of crying. At sa totoo lang, hindi naman talaga natin iniiyakan yung lalaki e. Iniiyakan natin yung memories na mawawala. Kapag may nililibing, natural na maiyak at sa bawat break-up, inililibing natin ang dating pinapangarap na siya na pati na rin lahat ng masasayang pinagsamahan.

Babalik ako sa mga tanong ko kanina. Paano kung dumating na yung taong para sa’yo talaga pero pinagdidiinan mo sa sarili mo na kailangan mo pang maghintay ng matagal na panahon hanggang sa mawala na ang taong magpapaligayapala talaga sa’yo? Pero kung para sa’yo nga talaga siya, hindi siya mawawala. Pero sabi nga ni Eugene Domingo, ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo. Wala nang destiny sa panahon ngayon dahil marami nang lumalandi at mas lalong marami ang nagpapalandi. Paano kung nakahanap ka na talaga agad ng bagong magpapasaya sa’yo kahit isang linggo palang matapos ang hiwalayan niyo?

Hindi malandi ang taong makakahanap agad ng kapalit matapos ang hiwalayan. Anong magagawa natin kung plano talaga ng Diyos na magkakilala sila sa ganung panahon at sitwasyon? Malandi ang isang tao kung regular na niyang ginagawa ang makipaghiwalay at humanap agad ng iba. Pero may mga tao lang talaga na hindi kaya ang mag-isa, na sa sobrang dami ng pagmamahal niya, nagagawa niyang ipamahagi ‘to sa lahat.

Para sa akin, ang 3-month rule na yan ay para lang sa taong hindi matanggap na iniwan o tapos na sila ng taong mahal niya. Sa tatlong buwan na yun lang siya humuhugot ng pag-asang maaayos pa ang lahat. At sa siyamnapung araw lang siyang may matinding karapatan na magpaka-bitter. Sabihin man na respeto yun sa dati mong karelasyon, hindi pa rin yun ang basehan. Hindi kinakailangan ng matagal na panahon para masabing ginagalang mo ang taong dating nagpapaligaya sa’yo. Ang tunay na pagpapakita ng respeto ay ang maayos na pagpapaliwanag sa kanya kung bakit mo siya iniwan at ang pagsasabi ng totoong dahilan ng hiwalayan niyo sa mga taong nakapaligid sa inyo sa paraang hindi siya sinisiraan.

Kung para sa isa’t-isa talaga kayo, kahit tatlong dekada pa, magkakabalikan talaga kayo. At kung mahal niyo talaga ang isa’t-isa matututo kayong galangin ang anumang desisyon ng karelasyon niyo. Hindi natatapos ang pagmamahalan sa pagiging magkarelasyon at hiwalayan, hindi rin naman dapat kumapit nang matagal sa relasyong hindi na kayang gawan ng paraan.