Short-term Memory Post (Which I Really Don’t Have! Why Now??)



I have thoughts lining up before I make this blog but I was two things: 1) Too lazy to type it on my laptop 2) Still waiting for my WordPress Apple app to finish downloading so here I am at a loss for words and having early signs of Alzheimer’s which for the love of beautiful and precious moments, I wish I will never have.

Okay, so I tweeted about me not liking books having to male characters fighting over the lead female character because I hate seeing the other guy win! I have been reading this book for almost 2 hours and I’m halfway through it but the guy I’m rooting for – Reid Alexander – who, basically is a good guy disguised as a bad guy – personalities which I usually like for men and neither am I proud of it nor embarassed about it. So there, the other guy here has already kissed Emma! But I am firm with my belief that this Graham guy has ulterior motives and Emma is not as *insert suitable adjective here” as I expect female lead characters to be. The 2 POVs in one chapter strategy is not working for me too.

I barely remember anything I wanted to blog so here are some of the things I might have actually thought of earlier.

– This reminds me of Awkward which will be airing again on the 16th of April!!! Team Rosati (although the one I’m rooting for here is kind of the Matty McKibben one)
– I needed air to breathe for Henry (Teddy Altman’s instant husband) died and I have never realized how much I liked this guy until he died. Which makes me think now… Does this apply to real life? I mean realizing you actually can live with the person whom you thought was the most annoying creature on Earth?
– I missed blogging so I’m filling the pages in.
– We’re going somewhere tomorrow and I don’t want to. And I hope we get there safely if my parents ever decide on going. But I don’t want to. Period.

And after more than half an hour, I finally remembered what I was supposed to blog about. I am thankful for the creators and the mind behind Adobe Digital Editions because I have been itching to start reading books again but unfortunately (which is a real misfortune for me but what can I do? He has the authority and I owe my whole life to him), my father has his hands glued to my device which I previously used to read .epub formatted files but yay to this application! I can now read books on my lappy (dyslexia alert, I typed in pally before changing it to lappy my gosh!) without the crappy .pdf formats in Adobe Reader. That is just about it and I’m now on chapter 21 and Reid has touched Emma’s lips to his in a not-so-romantic way that I expected but to think, Graham’s approach was a little bit too agressive as well. Team Reid all the way! Good night! 😘

** and I’m sad Henry died in Cristina’s OR but I’m happy Zola’s back to stronger than before couple MerDer ad woohoo I bet that move by Ben Warren had Miranda Bailey’s emotional barricades melt away! 😍


I Wish You Sang me This Song


So that I should have never left you. I could have fought for you even harder. Or if the problem’s really not with me, I could have at least been given a warning. By then, I should have been really over you. Not that I’m not. But those who say they’re totally over someone are those who have actually not moved on. So, I’m still in the process and I know I’m never coming back to you. If you have just sang me this song, I would have stopped checking your page a long time ago. If you sang me this song, you will never have a place here on my blog. I miss you but I’m not longing for you. I miss you but I’ve learned enough. I miss you but I’m not missed by you. The problem is with me. You never sang me this song.

You are my Cosmo and Wanda


You are my childhood dream, those that I watch on my television screen. You are whom I dreamed of having for years, you are to grant my every single wish. I have yet to be your Timmy Turner but never will I be. You are my Cosmo and Wanda, you are just close (or as far) as I can get to that boxed you.

Let her rest in peace.


Let her rest in peace.

May kanya-kanyang opinyon ang mga tao kaya pabayaan niyo nalang siya. Ate, hindi po pare-pareho ang estado ng mga tao sa buhay. Walang magulang ang gustong nahihirapan ang anak niya. Walang magulang ang titigil sa pagkayod hangga’t kaya pa. Meron pong mga panahong tinatawag na “hindi talaga kaya.” Kung nagmamalaki naman po pala kayo, edi magbigay nalang po kayo ng pera sa pamilya kaysa sa ipambayad niyo sa kuryente niyong ginamit sa pagpost nung mga sinabi mo. Ate, hindi ko alam kung namatayan ka na o hindi pero sana po malaman ninyo na kung ikaw po nawalan, comfort ang kailangan mo at hindi panghuhusga. Sa mga bashers naman po ni ate, alam niyo naman palang nagpapapansin na, bakit niyo pa pinapatulan? Matuto po tayong rumespeto ng pananaw ng iba dahil ang posts naman po nating lahat online ay nananawagan ng suporta at hindi paninira. Kung mali, edi mali. Para sa kanya tama yung ginagawa niya. Pero kung totoo ngang nagpapapansin lang siya, edi wag niyo nang pansinin para masupalpal siya. Hindi tayo magkakapareho ng opinyon, hindi tayo pare-parehong kayang makatulong, hindi tayong lahat kayang makaintindi sa nararamdaman ng naiwan niya pero pare-pareho tayong marunong magdasal.

I Like It When Boys Properly Close Doors


When they shut the door very carefully and take time to close it without making any noise. That’s a major plus plus plus for me! I just realized I haven’t actually seen one who can do that – turning the knob very gently, opening the door just enough for them to fit (not those that open the door to its fullness), and closing it back as quietly as possible (not banging it or leaving it to close by itself which causes it to make such a loud noise). There, as much as I’d like to make this post longer, I have not really read a blog post having the same topic which got me thinking if I was the problem but who likes the sound of banging? By that, I mean the door. (Okay, very funny, Ana).

Feeling Critic: Point of Retreat



I don’t know if I now have higher standards when it comes to romance novels or I have just become highly-dependent of Owen Hunt lovin’. And yes, I thought I would have a different reaction to this book and no. If I have given “Slammed” 2/3 stars, I’ll give Point of Retreat 3/5. But this book made me discover that I like male POVs better! AND THIS JUST HEIGHTENS MY EXCITEMENT FOR THE RELEASE OF THE SECOND BOOK OF MY FAVORITE DISASTER SERIES!!! And just like that I could forget all about Will Cooper. God, I hate his name. 

So there. I don’t like it. I don’t want to talk about it. I want to read another book. I am too tired so I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy tonight. Again. Just like I did last night because of “Slammed.” But this one page I’ll never forget. You had me at this, Will. Oh, you had me so bad with this!


Feeling Critic: Slammed by Colleen Hoover


I wanted to cry. I wanted to cry so hard maybe because I’ve been in a whirlwind of emotions now but all those are in the higher, happier level for days now. I wanted to cry so hard to have a better reason to blow my nose other than the virus I caught days ago. I wanted to cry like how Meredith Grey did to me when he showed Derek their “house” with just candles, like how Alex Karev’s wedding vow did to me, whenever Hunt kisses Yang!, like how the scene where Ed Slaterton said sorry to Min and him wanting to screw up again and say it a million times because that’s how long they are together, how the love of Travis and Abby made me cry and how these things make me cry by just thinking about them but wanting to do it over and over again.


I made the wrong choice. Not that it was not a good book, it was a good one. But Will Cooper will definitely not make it to the top of my list of the best male fictional characters. I hated that it contained of things familiar to me. The name Will Cooper, really? What’s next? Tiny Grayson? The name Gavin was mentioned in On Dublin Street and I hated that they were opposites. That Elizabeth Kubler Ross quote and I swear, I could hear Meredith speaking as I read it. I ABSOLUTELY HATED HOW WILL OCCUPIED MOST OF THE BOOK’S PAGES BY SAYING LAKE AND HIM CAN’T BE TOGETHER! The author wanted to make this novel as close to reality as possible but hell, fiction should take our hearts to a whole new world! I’m disappointed, I wanted to cry and I still want to. You failed me, Will and you better not in the next book!